Thursday, May 20, 2010

Porch Beautification, part 2

A week ago Monday, I posted about replacing or redoing the cushions for my screened-in porch furniture. I didn't think I had pictures of the previous cushions, but I remembered some that I'd shared pictures of the porch with my brother-in-law who lives in Florida, and who hadn't seen our porch addition.

Well, anyway, I have some pictures; they weren't specifically taken for showing off the cushions and bench pads, but you might get an idea of what I will be replacing.

The table is missing its tablecloth in this photo, but I had enough of my remnant find to make a matching tablecloth. So, the wicker settee, wicker chair, bench and table were all covered in the same great pale yellow floral remnant. I really liked the look. The blue flower in the remnant matched the rug and long bench, and the pale yellow complimented the coffee table/bench.

And to think it was all such a happy accident!! No planning at all.

Now, I really have to "get cracking" on the redo! I have been focusing on other things, but I really must redirect my focus! Summer is a'comin'!

My focus for now is on my May Schnibbles. I will (hopefully!) have the top finished today. I also need to make that strap for the grommet purse...there's a story coming with that post.

The sun's shining!! We've had 4 straight cloudy, rainy, chilly days - this morning is beautiful!


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  1. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful screened-in porch. We don't have that kind of thing here in So Cal but I love the idea of it! Can't wait to see your new cusions / redo!


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