Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Tulip Bags

On Wednesday, Sheryll and Terry came over to make more bags using the Tulip pattern. All 5 of our little group made them together on Monday, and had such good success that we 3 wanted to make another one right away. (Click here to see the bags we made on Monday.)

This was a good thing, to borrow the words of Martha Stewart. By making this pattern a second time, soon after the first go-around, we were able to make them much more efficiently. I know for sure, that I felt a lot more confident in what I was doing on the second bag. Practice really does make perfect, eh?

Sheryll made this fantastic blue bag, with a bandanna-type design. It looks great, and will be very easy to use all summer long!

Terry's bag is made from Lynette Jensen/Thimbleberries fabric. I love it, and Terry was much happier with this second purse than the first one she made.

This brown floral bag is mine. It takes me forever to select fabrics, but I remembered I had a stash of Roman Holiday tucked away in my sewing room stash, and hoped there was enough of one of those to use for my bag. Ta-dah!!! There was! I love, love, love it, and look forward to using it.

These were Wednesday's projects. All completed! Wonderful feeling of accomplishment for all! On Thursday and Friday, I spent part of my day working on a different bag pattern. I will blog about it tomorrow!


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