Quilting Fun

While I love the satisfaction of finishing a quilt, it isn't the only way to have fun with quilting. Fun also comes from the great outings with girlfriends, shopping expeditions with Grandma, or just sitting in my "thoughtful spot" chair perusing magazines and books. The thrill of the next project waiting just there on the horizon...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blue Portugal Quilt Top Finished!

I am very pleased with my finished quilt top. Blue Portugal. I introduced it here.

I hung it out on the screened porch, so the wind is blowing it a bit, and the sun was shining on the corner.

The only thing I did differently was to miter the border. The border print just seemed to want to lend itself to that.

Here is close up shot, however, I didn't do a very good job of getting the border fully in the shot, did I?

I've been posting for a week or two about my "Kaffe phase," and I thought perhaps I should revisit the terminology. Back a year or so ago, I clarified things here.

Well, next up for me is Economy Blue, another of Kaffe Fassett's patterns. However, it's crunch time for the 4-H project, so Emma has first dibs on the sewing machine.


Jennifer O. said...

I agree with the mitered borders! They look so much better than squaring them off. Mitering is a lost art these days Jayne.

QuiltSue said...

It's great, and the mitred borders were exactly the right thing I think.

Lori said...

Fantastic! What an awesome quilt and I love the border!!