Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lunch Date with Dee

After far too many years, Sharon and I drove to Columbus today to meet our long-time friend Dee and her daughters for lunch. I don't have any pics to show from our day, but we gave Ellen (Dee's older daughter) a quilt we made her at quilt camp.

Ellen had some bad news back in late spring ( May, I think?) and needed a quilt in the worst way!

My camera announced "memory card full," so I could not take pics (technically, it was my DD's camera, and I couldn't figure out how to delete old photos), so I'm relying on Dee's cell phone pics which I hope to receive soon.

Ellen also assures me she will be sending a pic of her snuggling in her new quilt.

Where did we go, you ask?

Upper Arlington, suburb of Columbus, has a nice little place called La Chatelaine. Delicious meal and fun atmosphere!

(Pics taken from a google search.)

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  1. You're so kind to share the quilt. It's a hug every time someone cuddles up with it.
    Cameras that aren't ready to use when we want them are so frustrating!


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