Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Little Bit of Blue

I just couldn't help myself. I kept thinking about those 2 blue quilts that were all cut out and ready for sewing, and I just had to dive in on one of them. Portugal Blue is under construction, and I am loving how fast the piecing is going.

Two potential blocks are laid out there, with all the smaller units down front. I could just pick 'em up and sew, but I am more inclined to carefully lay them all out on the floor or bed and arrange them into blocks that please my eye. In counting, I discovered that I have enough to make 14 larger blocks, and I only need 12, so there is room for auditioning.

A bonus: My machine is working fine! How does this happen? When I went to JoAnn's yesterday, I had enough sense to buy a couple of spools of blue thread to use on these quilts. I intentionally avoided the larger spools as this was what I was blaming my trouble on.

 Imagine how pleased I was that this "normal" size spool of thread seems to be just what the doctor ordered. No tension problems whatsoever!


  1. In the bottom photo, right-most block there is a white & blue fabric with what looks like a William Morris print on it. That's beautiful. The organic lines are so nice. It could be Victorian wallpaper. What was that called? Pimpernel?

  2. It is going to be a great quilt. Fantastic news that your machine is working properly too!!

  3. Sometimes it's the simple things that mess with our happy sewing--like the size of a spool of thread. Hopefully your problem is behind you.

    Gorgeous, lovely, wonderful, yummy blues. You're definitely having a Rhapsody in Blue, aren't you?


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