Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quilt Group Report

On Friday we 5 quilters whom I refer to as The Frankfort Girls got together at Sheryll's for a morning of stitching. I didn't really have any true handwork to do, so I took my tub of yo-yos and added another row to whatever it is that I'm making. I never really have had a project in mind for all these yo-yos, so I'm just seeing what I come up with. Sorry I don't have any pics of what I've done so far; I will remedy that soon.

The other girls are busy, as always. I am always impressed by the number of finishes we come up with!

 JoAnn is hand quilting a baby quilt for a new granddaughter that will be coming soon. She is in 'grandma overdrive' as one son is expecting this daughter and the other son is expecting twin boys! She will go from one grandchild to 3 by year's end. Pretty exciting!

Sharon is handstitching a little patriotic wall-hanging. Here is the pattern:

Terry decided to do some housecleaning instead of stitching. She had a huge notebook filled with patterns she'd taken out of quilt magazines. She inserts them into plastic sleeves, and pops them into a 3-ring binder. Don't we all get a little overly ambitious? I mean, really, will we really ever make all those quilts? That's what Terry was thinking, so she was weeding out.

Finally, our hostess Sheryll was working on this quilt. I love strip quilts. This one is especially eye-catching. And, her work always looks so neat and perfect!

So there you have it - the update on the quilt happenings in our little Frankfort Girls group.

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  1. I always love a good quilt show. I, too, have scads of magazines open to the quilt I'd like to make - someday. If I live long enough to use up my stash I'll be 500 years old! Gotta leave something to the kids.


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