Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Know It's Crazy, But...

...I haven't finished the borders on Economy Blue, and all I can think about is the next quilt I want to make! Are all quilters like this??

Economy Blue with top and side border placed, but not sewn.
I have a lovely bin of fabric from a year or two back called A Breath of Avignon by Sandy Clop/American Jane for Moda. It's been behaving itself in its bin all these many months, but here in the last week, it will just not be quiet!!

The roaring bin of A Breath of Avignon; 1-yd. and 1/2-yd. cuts plus 2 charm packs.

It began as a whisper; then when I ignored it, the whispers became a bit louder, and finally, these past couple of days, I'm dealing with a definite ROAR coming from the bin in the sewing room. A French roar, mind you, but a roar, nonetheless.

Wouldn't it be roaring at you, too??

I don't dare start cutting this fabric until I have Economy Blue's borders attached.

These are the remaining blocks with which the other side and bottom borders will be constructed.

And one additional, yet significant factor to consider before cutting, a dilemma: my B of A collection contains very few neutrals, and a number of border prints. I'm feeling the need to be very selective with the patten I choose to use for this fabric. I've been paging through a lot of quilt books and magazines, searching for inspiration. At present, I'm leaning toward a strippy quilt, using the border fabrics to create the columns. Since I'm rather favoring the simple, get-em-done-fast quilts, I like the idea of big blocks, perhaps 4-patch or 9-patch on point. Perhaps an Ohio Star. Or a Churn Dash. Or I could mix it up and have a variety of blocks on point in the pieced strips of a strippy quilt.

Any ideas from readers would surely be appreciated.

A tangent that sorta' relates, but not exactly...I was reading blogs a bit ago and came across Creature Comforts, one that I've just recently begun to follow. Her topic today is Color Crush. I really like the recognition that we go through "crushes" with particular colors becoming our favorite for awhile - be it a week or a month or whatever.

I admit it: I've got a Breath of Avignon Crush going on.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love the idea of a strippy quilt and why not use a variety of easier blocks? The fabric will certainly be the star of the show.

  2. I'm like you-- thinking about the next project as soon as the end of the current one is in sight. I think that's a common situation with us quilters. Our minds are working and planning all the time.

    A strippy quilt would be a perfect use of the border fabrics. You have ready-made strips and borders all ready to go. And I agree with Lori. A variety of traditional, basic blocks set on point would be a wonderful combination. I've seen a quilt with vertical rows of a mixture of 9-patches, stars and churn dash blocks. It looked wonderful.

  3. I think all quilters are planning the next quilt while working on one. In fact, if you're like me, you're planning the one after that, and the one after, and ...... I'm sure you get the picture!


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