Friday, July 1, 2011

Patriotic Duties

Welcome to July, dear quilters. This weekend brings all the fun, rest and relaxation that is America's Independence Day festivities. We enjoy picnics, baseball, vacations and weekend getaways, and, of course, fireworks. Hopefully in all the revelry, we don't lose track of the reason for our celebrations - America's Independence and honoring freedom.

Untold thousands in America's military are fighting for our freedoms, and many more thousands have lost their lives in that fight. Our county, Ross County, in southern Ohio recently lost a 28-year-old soldier who was serving in Afghanistan. Army Staff Sargeant Josh Gire died after an IED attack on his unit on March 22. Read the article here.

The ladies in my Frankfort quilting group, even though we did not know this young man, felt an urge to remember him to his father, mother and wife with quilts. We got together on 2 or 3 different days to work on them.

Here are the quilts we made.

All three quilts are of the same pattern, but look different due to the placement of the colors. I don't remember the name of the pattern, but it was very easy to construct.

Two of us delivered these quilts to Josh's father on the Monday evening of quilt camp. He was so appreciative. He'd also contacted Josh's mother, who was there, too, and she was overcome with the remembrance. It was an honor to make these quilts for our local hero's family. Both parents assured us that the third quilt would be shipped to Germany where Josh's wife lives with their 2 children.

It was such a small gesture to make these quilts for the family of a fallen soldier. We can go on with our lives, enjoy our freedoms, forget about the sacrifices of so many. For Josh's family, their lives are forever changed, and they will never forget the sacrifice. Their sacrifice is permanent.

God Bless America, and thank  you, Staff Sgt. Gire.


  1. Attagirls! Way to honor our troops! Everytime I see a solider in uniform, I thank them for their service. It's such a small gesture compared to the quilts you've made. I'm sure Staff Sgt. Gire's family will cherish it forever.

  2. We must not forget what our troops are doing!! What a lovely thing you ladies did.

  3. My heart aches for Staff Sgt. Gire's family. You ladies are to be commended and thanked for your generous gifts to them.


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