Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goal Changes

At the beginning of 2011, I made a list of quilts I hoped to make this year. As we finish out the 7th month of this grand year, I feel an urgency to change some of those goals. Already, my 2011 goals are a bit off. I'd only planned on making 1 blue Kaffe, but I've made 2. (Good for me!!)

You see, a few new quilts have come onto my radar, and suddenly they seem really essential.

I've recently rediscovered this book which I've had for ages. Mulberry Lane by Teri Christopherson.

Lavender Fields and Chantilly. Both of these are calling to me. Use up the stash, right??

I mentioned in the last post that I was being tugged very strongly by the Breath of Avignon fabric; I fully expect that I will be working on it in the coming month. I looked through this book today ~

~ and I found this strippy quilt that might work with the ideas I'm having for BofA fabric.

All these pic were taken hurriedly; glare - sorry. This is called Scratch.
Also, in the same book, I'm really taking a long, hard look at this one ~

Plan C

I've not mentioned it here, I don't think, but a few weeks back I cut out the fronts of 12 Ohio State t-shirts. I will make this quilt and give it to DH. (Can you believe I've never made him a quilt???)

Go Buckeyes!! Big fans in our house!

Someone else very near and dear to me indicated that a certain quilt was especially appealing to her. It will be a quickie, but a very nice Christmas surprise, too!! *wink-wink* I may or may not use these Kaffe beauties on it.

So, my currently listed items on the goals for 2011 might get shoved down on the to-do list, while these others take their spots. I still feel like I am getting quite a lot finished this year. Hope I can keep a steady pace. Going into fall, I head back to my adjunct position at OU-C, so I've less time for sewing. Perhaps I need to get several cut out so there will always be something to stitch whenever I find a few minutes or hours to work.

Tomorrow, Sharon will be over for a day of sewing together. We've had several weeks of conflicts in our schedules and haven't sewn together since early July. Last time I spoke with her, she had started her own blue Kaffe. Hope that's what she works on tomorrow so I can take a picture! Another friend, Kay, has also made some blue Kaffe quilts; I will ask permission to show her quilts, too.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. You've been so busy this year and made loads of things. I love some of what you're planning too.

    Have a gooid day with your friend. I expect you'll have another top finished by the end of the day.

  2. It looks like you have plenty to keep you busy through 2012! Love them all!!

  3. I made Scratch earlier this year and had a hard time parting with it to my cousin who had just gotten married. I still miss it!

  4. Scratch looks like a fun quilt to make.
    So many books! So many that we want to make! And we only have two hands!


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