Sunday, February 12, 2012

F. F. G. Q. G.

Friday Frankfort Girls Quilting Group.

Yes, we got together Friday morning at Sharon's house for some stitching. We were missing Sheryll, who had another appointment come up.  Here are a couple of pics of our recent projects.

This project came from JoAnn's talented hands. I remember when she bought this group of fabrics and pattern last April at the Cincinnati quilt show. The picture doesn't really show enough of the pink that is in this quilt top. I really am sorry it doesn't show the true colors - in real life, the colors are softer than this ; the greens are softer and the pinks are more prevalent. (Perhaps I need to learn how to better operate my camera!)

This adorable child's quilt is for Sam, Sharon's newest grandbaby. I believe she said he is now 4 months old. Isn't this a great, fun baby quilt? Sam will surely love this quilt.

My camera batteries ran out at this point, so I didn't get pictures of the other things we had for show and tell. Terry was continuing some embroidery work that she's trying to stay caught up on; I did some hand piecing, which I can show you, because once I got home, I replaced my batteries! :-)

I want you to see how small these pieces are; that's the reason I'm hand piecing. I suppose some people feel comfortable sewing such small pieces on the machine, but I'm not one of them.

 These little squares measure about 4.5 inches.  I think I will keep a secret, and not tell just now what I am doing with these tiny things. I am working on it, though, so it won't be long before I show you a happy little finish.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. hi love all your work,
    i leave you an award in my blog¡¡

  2. Jayne, this is a blast from your past, email me at
    No, I'm not a crazy stalker, we grew up in Reynoldsburg until my Dad had the audacity to retire young and Mom was homesick for grey gloomy Seattle, apparently. Remember me, Susan Carlman (now Schurger)? I quilt too!


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