Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Quilting

How cool is it to get an extra day this month for quilting? I am going to try to get in some quality sewing time this evening. I need to be making faster progress on a quilt that I'm making for friend Terry's guild mystery quilt class. I'm using some really luscious blues from my Kaffe Fassett and Westminster Fibers stash.

Wanna' take a peek? Dumb question; of course you do! Who can resist those blues?

I do love working with Westminster's blues . . . I made 2 blue quilts last summer, and added another in multi-florals of all colors after that.

I can never remember the name of the quilt I'm making for Terry. I will report in as I make some progress.

Spent the biggest part of today at Grandma's - still cleaning our kitchen cupboards and drawers. I brought home a few treasures today: a measuring cup she's had since my mother was a baby, some carving and paring knives, a crock and other miscellaneous utensils like spatulas, ladles and slotted spoons.


  1. What a beautiful trio. Next to green, blue is my second favorite color. How special to have some of grandma's treasures.


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