Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet Chantilly

Yes, the easiest quilt in the world to make is finally finished. I sure did drag my feet on it, but, oh, how pleased I am with the results!

The border is yellow. My photo looks a bit washed out. Since we are having such gorgeous weather, I took the quilt top out on the screened porch for the photo shoot. The morning shadows must have had a play in the lack of color in the bottom half of the picture. Anyway, you get an idea of my finish. I am so pleased with it. The picture in the book was perhaps a bit more muted and subtle in coloration, whereas I've got some definite lights and darks, but I still like it - a lot.

A careful study of the original to mine will also show you that in addition to making mine larger, I also changed the way the borders were done. I used a narrow inner border then the wide outer border, whereas the original has a wide inner border and a narrow outer border.

I went way overboard on making blocks for Chantilly. The leftover pile has enough in it to make an entire second quilt, I am sure.

Maybe I will make another one. Or perhaps I will save them for some future, as yet unknown project. It's possible that I will stitch a few of them into the backing for this quilt. We shall see.

So, what to work on next? I still have work to do on Mom's signature quilt. I need to put a zipper in a jacket for my FIL. I have agreed to make a mystery sample for Terry. Sharon and I are making a flannel quilt for a former student who is undergoing chemo treatments. And I think I'm hearing some blue and white fabric calling to me from up in the sewing room. Hmmm...

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. So many wonderful designs you can make with HSTs. It's terrific.

  2. That's just gorgeous. I prefer your version with the slightly brighter colours and the different borders too.


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