Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Frienzies and Argentinian Fabric

My friend and former teaching colleague Pam recently returned from a trip with her DH to Argentina. Their daughter is currently studying there this quarter as part of her requirements for a Spanish major from THE Ohio State University. They used this trip as both an opportunity to see their daughter and also a chance to see some very exotic places! I think they loved it, however Pam is not sure she is chomping at the bit to go back, while her DH says he would. Anyway, about the fabric...

A quick bit of background: All the Frienzies got together on Saturday afternoon for our monthly catching-up-and-staying-connected get-together, and ALL of us attended!! Our friendship goes way, way back. We seven gals all taught together at CHS, and shared the same lunch period for years. We made lunch an event!! We would even work to arrange a scheduling change if one of us happened to get scheduled for a different lunch period! Devoted, indeed! Sometimes that worked, but sometimes not.

As the years marched on, one by one we had retirees. First Kay, then Sherrie. We rarely got to see those two, and I for one, missed having them as a regular part of my life! At some point, we agreed that we should work to stay close, and the idea for a once-a-month dinner or lunch at a local restaurant idea was born. Eventually, we had a couple more retirements - me and Lyn. Then Pam. Then Sharon. Now only Susan and Hettie are still teaching, and Hettie switched from CHS to another local school district, Southeastern. So we really are scattered now! Even after all this time, however, we still make every effort to meet once a month, at which time we celebrate our continued friendship. It's incredible how we seem to just pick up right where we left off; like not even a day as passed since our last visit. I just love these girls!

Ok, so back to the fabric...Pam, knowing that we are all quilters and seamstresses, brought back 1-mitre cuts of 7 different fabrics as souvenirs from her Argentinian trip. She laid them all out together and told us to pick! Oh how I wish I'd had the foresight to photograph all of them together!! They were all so colorful. Perhaps over time, I can snap some shots of the others' fabrics as they turn them into projects. I can, however, show you the fabric I selected.

The minute I saw it, I knew this would make cool cushions for my screened-in porch. I made a bunch last year, but one can never have too many, right? The yellow is very soft - like a buttery yellow. The blues are varied in pleasing colorations. It will be perfect. Now, this Argentinian fabric is not 100% cotton fabric. The feel of it is very different. We all wondered if it is made there, or if it is imported, and if so, from where?

The fabric drapes very nicely, like you would want a skirt to drape. I am certain this is not 100% cotton, but it could be a blend of cotton and polyester. Regardless, it is neat to have some international fabric in the stash, and I already have a plan for it, so it won't have to sit in the stash forever and a day.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Terrific friend! I would have selected that piece as well and I didn't even get to see the others! However you use it will be beautiful.

  2. The fabric you chose is beautiful. I love the colour of the cornflower blue in it. Now I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with it.


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