Monday, February 27, 2012

Good Monday Morning!

Oh my goodness, what an absolutely beautiful day we are having here in southern Ohio! The mild winter is giving us April days in February, and it is wonderful! I am planning to get in a 2-mile walk later this afternoon. Doesn't that sound refreshing?

Today would normally find me quilting with Sharon P, but she is sick, doggone it! I was with her on Saturday evening and she was coming down with something, then. Get well soon, my friend! I am going to be sewing all by myself today.

On Friday, the Frankfort quilty girls came for some stitching. JoAnn was absent, but the remaining 4  had a nice visit over sticky rolls and coffee. Here are the projects we worked on.

Sheryll stitched this applique basket for a really pretty quilt she's working on. Here's the pattern:

I should have written down the name and date of the magazine, but I regretfully did not. This is quite an appealing quilt to me, and even though I tend to avoid applique quilts, I think I would like to try a black, beige, gold and tan color combination. Those churn dash blocks are pretty and would pair nicely with 9-patches, also in this quilt. I could just eliminate the appliqued baskets, perhaps?? Well, I love this quilt in these colors, nonetheless, and Sheryll's work is always neat as a pin.

ADDED LATER: a wonderful pay-it-forward kind of thing! AnnieO left a comment identifying the magazine! McCall's Quilting, September/October 2010. Annie is actually also working on this very same project and has it pictured on her blog, here! How's that for synchronicity?

Terry continued working on her needlework from the last several get-togethers. The project is a month-by-month affair; this (obviously) is for February.

A quick side note - Terry, bless her heart, is doing the quilting for me on the flannel quilt we are giving to Alexis, the young cancer patient I've recently been blogging about. Aren't friends just the greatest?? Read about Alexis here and her see quilt, here.

Sharon O. was doing some hand-piecing, and I love, love, love the yellow and blue combination of colors.

Sharon, help! I don't think I recall what this is going to become! Did we even talk about that? I am really going to have to start writing things down; my memory just goes blank sometimes.

Above is a recently finished wall hanging that Sharon showed us. It was a kit purchase made in the 80s or 90s, she said. Some of you will recognize that red plaid from your own work from that era, correct? I sure do. And I imagine I've still got a bit of that fabric up in my stash, as well. Anyway, Sharon was in the mood to get some UFO projects crossed off her to-do list. Way to go!

I continued hand-piecing the little doll quilt called Pink Lemonade that I began in January when Lori at Humble Quilts put up her annual quilt-along. Most of those who participated have finished theirs and shown their work weeks ago, but I just put the final stitches into my quilt top this morning.

This is the 3rd doll quilt I've done with Humble Quilts. Cheddar and Crackers was from early 2010; Midnight Stars was from early 2011. Now I have Pink Lemonade for early 2012. I love 'em!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Ditto on the gorgeous day. Abby and I had a nice long walk early this morning -- should have waited until it was warmer but this doggie waits for no man! :o) Any who...terrific projects happening from everyone.

  2. Stephanie spied the same quilt pattern on my blog as in the top photo in your post today, and I am happy to tell you the magazine was McCall's Quilting, September/October 2010. I liked the black, brown and gold too but will be using greens and burgundys for my version. I also changed the churn dash block to one I favor. Love your Pink Lemonade--my top is done but not quilted yet.

  3. We're having amazingly mild days here too. Not at all like February, even though it poured with rain most of the day yesterday.

    There was some great work going on amongst you all on Friday, thanks for showing it all to us.


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