Sunday, February 19, 2012

USPS Delivers!

Saturday's mail delivered a real homerun - a giveaway prize I won recently arrived all the way from Leeds, UK.

Sue Abrey, aka Quilt Sue, is both the author of this book and the author of a wonderful blog, Quilt Times. She and I have followed each other for awhile now, and we are working together to host the Lone Star Quilt Along.

But I digress! She had a little give-away, like I said, and I was the lucky winner! Isn't it great? Getting Sue's book was on my Christmas list, but Santa didn't come through for me. Santa Sue did, though!!

And, in true Santa fashion, Sue added an extra-special bonus in her package! I'm just loving this quilted journal cover!

Pretty, isn't it? I wonder if I have pretty enough thoughts to write in such a fine journal? I just love stuff like this. When I taught English at CHS, my students journaled every day. Writing is something our kids just didn't do often enough, so I made sure they did a bit each day. They weren't particularly thrilled with this activity, but we did it anyway.

Ah, there I go again, digressing. Sue wrote a lovely sentiment inside both the journal and her quilt book.

Thanks, Sue! You're the best!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love Sue's will enjoy it I am sure!

  2. What a lovely gift, but then she's that kind of girl {smile}.

    I might just know where she got the idea for those book covers from {wink}. Enjoy your books.


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