Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Already?!?!

Seems impossible that it's August, but yes, that's what the calendar is telling me. Geesh.

I am parading today. I sent a picture of Plan C to the Schnibbles Parade, and you can see it featured over at Pink Pincushion. Go ahead and visit; I'll wait.

Back? Some nice looking quilts, right? I have followed Sinta at Pink Pincushion and her sister Sherri at A Quilting Life since I first discovered quilting blogs. I remember being really surprised when I learned that they were sisters; I'd followed them for a good while before making that connection. Oh, good grief! I've just gotten an email from Sherri; she says they're NOT sisters! How on earth did I get that idea? My face is so red. I apologize for being the source of misinformation. Gosh, how does one correct a cyber error? Sherri and Sinta, I apologize! Readers, my apologies to you, too. How embarassing...

Well, let's take a look at what I've been up to today. After wa-aaay too long, Sharon and I had a sewing day today. She was really booked up through the month of July. We are recommitting to getting back on a regular schedule. She came to my house and worked on the last of her Tag Sale blocks. Remember, she was working on this at quilt camp back at the end of June.

Gorgeous florals. So soft and romantic. Here are 4 more.

I love watching this quilt come together. My own Tag Sale also has a rather cottage-y look to it, so I know Sharon is going to love hers. That tub full of Roman Holiday fabric that I've been reluctant to cut might just be headed to making another Tag Sale - for me!

I have the borders on my 9-Patch Criss Cross, but as I have not taken a pic of it, I will have to get that picture posted tomorrow. Too pooped to do it tonight. Gotta' get to my quilting and the Olympics!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Your parade quilt is adorable! Great job! And no worries! Everyone has, or will, make a blogging blunder at some point! Sinta and Sherri seem to be great friends. No wonder you thought they were sisters :-)


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