Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mail Call!

Yesterday's mail brought a sweet little surprise all the way from California, no less! The Tuffets pattern I won in the recent Schnibbles Parade is just as cute as can be, and I have a mountain of scraps I can use to begin making some! Very excited about creating some Tuffets, that's for sure!

Pincushions have become quite the rage lately, if Pinterest is any indication. There are multitudes of options, too. This patriotic Sweet Libery pattern will definitely be a hit with some of my friends, I'm sure.

So, the fine folks at Bear Paw Quilts didn't stop with a pattern. They included a bonus goodie! A charm pack of a Sandy Klop fabric called ABC 123. I just love it! I have a small stash of Sandy's fabrics up in the quilting room, so this will blend right in with them. What a great bonus. Thanks to Donna, owner of Bear Paw! *doing a happy dance!*

That top fabric look like it's a juvenile line but it really is more of a 30s-looking fabric. I am confident I will be able to use it, regardless of the look.

So, again, my thanks to Bear Paw Quilts, and to the gals of Another Year of Schnibbles, Sinta, Sherri and Carrie. Great fun!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love pincushions and yes, they are ALL OVER THE PLACE on Pinterest. Though I sometimes think it is the same five pincushions being pinned over and over and over again by everybody. ;)

    I hope you enjoy the Tuffets - they are fun to make and slightly addictive. But they do make great gifts... when you can stand to part with them.

  2. Oh look what fun the postman brought to you! These are fun to make up... and addicting too! Have fun with your prize! I think that charm pack will come in handy for a mini project... that will be a secret until Sept;)


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