Tuesday, August 14, 2012


After all the gold, silver and bronze we've heard about the last 2+weeks of the London Olympics, I thought I'd tell you about a bit of winning here at JQR. Yes, I have won a giveaway in the recent Schnibbles Parade. Don't know about Schnibbles Parade?? Here's a bit of the background.

Two popular bloggers (to me anyway) A Quilting Life and Pink Pincushion, teamed up with Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company, another of my faves, to host A Year of Schnibbles in 2010. For a person who was never going to get sucked in to the hype that was Charm Packs and Schnibbles, I had to eat my words when I saw the Schnibbles pattern called 'Darcy' in a local quilt shop. And once I bought that, I was hopelessly addicted. Since that original purchase, I've bought countless Charm Packs and many (too many) Schnibbles patterns. I even have bought one or two of then twice! Grrr, I hate when I do that!

Anyway, to promote the line of Schnibbles patterns, the 2 bloggers and Carrie created a quilt along called "A Year of Schnibbles" in which each month throughout 2010 a different Schnibble would be featured, and participants would share their finished Scnibble for that month in a "parade" held on the first of the next month when the new month's Schnibble pattern would be announced. (Got all that??) And to make it fun, every month there would be several "prizes" awarded to participants.

Apparently, it was wildly successful as "Another Year of Schnibbles" was created for 2012. Even though I have not participated in even half of the quilt-alongs, I have enjoyed being a spectator on parade day - seeing the way various quilters interpret patterns, colors, enlarging, and changing  - it's really helpful to me.

Here is my first Schnibbles, Sunday Best, which I made in February of 2010. Then I made Tagalong in April of 2010. And in May of 2010, I made the beloved Darcy. I tell the story of my Schnibbles adventure here.

Sunday Best Schnibbles made in February of 2010.
The fabric is Barbara Brackman's Civil War Homefront by Moda.

My Darcy Schnibbles made with Portabello Market fabric by Moda in May, 2010.
I am currently hand-quilting this when I meet every other Friday with the Frankfort girls.

My Tagalong Schnibbles, made in April 2010. It has been hand-quilted, and now resides on my kitchen table.
The fabric is Butterfly Garden by Kansas Troubles/Moda.

 Sorry! This has been an awful lot of background just to tell you about the recent giveaway winnings. I discovered at the beginning of July that the Schnibbles ladies were having an "open class" for the month, meaning that participants could make any Schnibble they wanted, and even branch out to some of Carrie's new books in which she has enlarged various Schnibbles to full-sized quilts. This is what prompted me to make Plan C, from Carrie's book, Schnibbles Times Two.

My Plan C; finished in July in time for the Schnibbles Parade on August 1.
The fabric is called Park Avenue by 3 Sisters/Moda.

And in the August 1st Schnibbles Parade I won a giveaway! Exciting stuff! My quilt was in Pink Pincushion's parade, along with many, many others. This free choice idea was a popular one, I do believe.

My prize? A Carrie Nelson pincushion pattern called Tuffets, given by a parade sponsor, Bear Paw Quilts. I was notified by Sinta at Pink Pincushion a few days ago. Can't wait to get my pattern in the mail. I will be sure to let you know when it comes.

Sorry for such a small pic. I took it from a Google search and it gets fuzzy if enlarged.

Since my machine is still in the "fixit" shop, I have been working diligently on hand-quilting my pink and brown lap quilt. That is coming along nicely. Not finished during the Olympics, as I'd hoped, but I am so close that I just have to stay at it a few more days and it'll be done.

Happy Quilting, Friends.


  1. Schnibbles are definitely addicting...I have so many...and yet there are always reasons to make more...and Carrie showed little peeks of two new ones on her blog today...I can't wait to make them both!

    Thanks for the kind words, Jayne!

  2. Congrats on your win, and on your great Plan C.

  3. Congratulations on your win but more importantly - WOW! Your quilts are spectacular and I appreciate it!

    I? Because you make me look really good by making such beautiful quilts from my silly little patterns. I love what you've done!

    I hope your machine is back from it's "spa day" - that's what I call it when my machines are in for a little adjustment.


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