Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lone Star Saturday - August Update

Hello Lone Star Gals - you who are making a Lone Star with us, and those who are following. I almost forgot about this date this month!

Hey, you'll have to allow me a little bit of slack. The Olympics has had lots of my attention, and I have been super busy making several quilt tops. I am getting a good bit of quilting done on the pink and brown quilt that's been in the frame since 2010. Last night I finally selected the template for my border. I think it will work fine.

But we are here to focus on Lone Stars! If you are sewing along with us, I invite you to sign in on Mr. Linky so that we can see how far you've come. Be sure to leave comments for me so I can follow up.

For anyone reading this who isn't aware of our Lone Star Quilt Along, do a search over there in the search box. In a very short intro, I'm in this quilt along with my cyber friend, Quilt Sue. We are trading months throughout this calendar year to try to accomplish a Lone Star quilt. Hers is a brand new quilt; mine is a 20-year-old UFO. So we are coming from a wide spectrum, but we are getting our quilts done!

My work on it this month, though, has been nonexistant. It is pressed and hanging above my sewing machine, reminding me almost daily that it needs attention on some very rough-looking Y-seam intersections. I must make it a priority in the coming month, as I really do want to have it quilted by year's end.

I am picturing a very ornate feathered wreath quilted in that white field. Cross hatching, too. I think it will finish up very pretty.

On the table there in front are some of the remnants of the quilts/projects I've worked on this month. Red binding leftover from the Patriotic Star wall-hanging. Gold and red 9-patch from 9-Patch Criss Cross. Pile of Farmer's Wife blocks resting on the FW book. I have been productive; just not so much on the Lone Star!!

Today, I am going to be away from my laptop quite a bit. It's the day the quilts are entered into the Ross County Fair, and I am helping in that effort. I will be occupied most of the afternoon. I may take my iPad and attempt to stay caught up with our Quilt Along on it. We shall see how that works out.

Hope you Lone Star gals have more progress to share than I!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Do you have a quilt entered in the fair? Very pretty colors in the first photo.

  2. Hi Jayne

    Sorry to say but I'm working on another project this month that needs to be finished for the weekend of Aug 18th, so no Lone Star work on my end. Also I will have a project for a retirement gift in Sept which means the Lone Star likely won't come back up until the fall.

    Have fun at the county fair.

  3. Oh yes the Olympics. I love always having something exciting to turn on! I made some progress this month so at least I grabbed this stolen moment this evening to log in!

    I like the border you picked for the quilt your quilting now.


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