Monday, August 27, 2012

The Quilts at Sheryll's House

Be prepared to utter a great big OMG!! after you see all the quilts that my quilting friend Sheryll has on display at her house. Her house is probably over 100 years old, and has been well maintained through the years. The rooms are spacious and inviting, made all the more so by Sheryll's quilts. What a treat! You all just sit back and enjoy the show, okay?

We'll start in the kitchen, where we always meet when quilting is at her house. It is so cozy with all the quilty treats displayed around the room.


Did you note the patriotic theme Sheryll has going on here? All these darling wall hangings - and so many that pay tribute to the Red, White and Blue! I love it. I was feeling all accomplished by just making my first patriotic wall hanging this summer, but Sheryll has far surpassed that!!

Next we will mosey on into the family room where we will continue to see sprinklings of patriotic quilts and wall hangings, along with many other beauties.

Whew! Was that a feast for the eyes, or what? Now, the family room is behind the entry foyer, which itself is a pretty big room. Let's head in there for the final bit of eye candy.

A neat little story goes with this quilt, above. The woman pictured was the owner of this sewing machine. She was Sheryll's DH's grandmother. How nice to have not only a great picture of her, but also her sewing machine! A sweet little scene, isn't it?

Was that an awesome show, or what? I like how cleverly she has so many quilts and wall hangings displayed, as well as doll quilts and table runners. A plethora of quilts!

Hope you all have a  happy week!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Beautiful, I think I could move right in Sherryl's house. FYI----I officially changed the name of my blog to American Vintage Quilting, Google said it might be a couple of days for the two URLs to connect.

  2. I enjoyed the patriotic quilt pictures. I made the Uncle Sam quilt this past year.


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