Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Absence of Stitching

Events in my life are conspiring against my getting any sewing or quilting accomplished. My beloved van has been in the fix-it shop for about 2 weeks. That prevented my attending a sewing event at Mary's barn yesterday. DD2 had to be taken to college. A significant amount of house cleaning has been ongoing for a meeting that will be held here on Thursday evening. And preparation for 2 classes at OUC has been nagging me to be completed - those classes begin on Friday.

You can guess what gets set on the back burner, right? Even though I am not currently getting any sewing done, my mind wanders to the projects that await me. I have quilting on the brain. And, to illustrate that, enjoy this cute cartoon I found a while back on Pinterest.
That section at the top that says "so many ideas, so little time" describes things for me right now.

Happy quilting, friends!

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  1. That's cute. We really do go into overload with so many ideas on the blog and the quilt brain just goes into high gear.


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