Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Outing

Last Friday, I joined the Frankfort girls for a road trip. Our destination: Woolen Willow and Neff's Country Loft. They are located over on the Ohio River, so we had to leave early and we had to plan for a long day. I think we managed the sacrifice quite nicely. *wink*

The Woolen Willow, located in Williamstown, WV.

From the check-out line, the store is filled with interesting nooks and crannies.
Thanks, JoAnn, for posing! ;)

Bolts and bolts of fabric. A clearance section is off the left.

Inviting displays and pretty quilts lure shoppers to participate in 'retail therapy.'

Even above the door, there's room for little quilts.

This fashionable gal welcomes shoppers to a room for woolen projects and supplies.

And still more displays, quilts and fabric.
From the Woolen Willow, we made our way back to Ohio, Marietta, specifically, to have lunch. We stopped in Marietta only to find that the Italian restaurant we wanted to go to wasn't open until dinner time. But all was not lost! Across the street was a quilt shop! What a happy accident, right?

What quaint architecture! I found the entire town of Marietta
to be equally charming. This shop is called Log Cabin Country Quilts,
and rather than being a fabric store, it was more a quilting service.
The quilt shop and the Soda Museum are located in Historic Harmar Village, a district of Marietta that is being revitalized. If it hadn't been so windy and chilly, I think we might have taken a bit more time in the pretty area to explore further. There were some interesting businesses and very pretty architecture.

The folks at the quilt shop recommended this diner just down the street
from them for our lunch. Marietta's Soda Museum, which also serves as a nice little dinette,
is packed full of Coke memorabilia. 

This is just a little bit of the items in this museum! It was absolutely incredible.
And we had a nice lunch, too!
This shop is also in Marietta--one we found because Terry had seen it one weekend
when she was in town with her husband for a gun show. It's called Puzzle Piece Quilt Shop.

A very nice shop, the owner has a penchant for paisley  - be still my heart!
I have enough paisley to make several dozen quilts! I appreciate her taste!

I really enjoyed looking at all the display quilts. Very appealingly arranged
and the variety attracts many tastes.

Fabric everywhere!
Well, from Marietta we headed down the road to Neff's. By this time, my camera batteries were shot, and the camera phone was barely charged. Consequently, I have no pictures of Neff's. Bummer. If you click on the link above, it is to their Facebook page. I was unable to find an active website.

Now, about the retail therapy...yes, I did make some purchases. I will show you some of that in a future post.

Another future post will cover the fun sewing day I had on Monday at Sherrie T.'s annual Veterans' Day sew-in. I took pictures of not only my project, but also those of the other Frienzies.

I've had a lot of sewing and quilting activities lately, and I seem to be lagging at writing about them here. I will get caught up -- one of these days!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day, and that Coca Cola museum looks great.


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