Friday, November 15, 2013

Veteran's Day Sewing

For quite a number of years now, a group of us who once all worked together, have met at Sherrie T.'s house for sewing. It began as an over-nighter, and we did sew just about all night. But, we gradually got to the point that it was just too hard to recover in time to get back on schedule for teaching. So now we just start early in the morning and finish around dinner time. Becoming dull, aren't we?



First things first! The food! We show up for breakfast, and also have lunch. Everyone brings something and shares in the bounty. We never go hungry, that's for sure!

We all took time out to say hi to Sharon P. Her dad was having surgery in Cincinnati, so she wasn't able to be with us this year. Above is Pam, who was in the beginning stages of creating her table runner.
Susan and Hettie say hi as they are beginning identical table runners. They actually went to the quilt shop to buy the fabric for these runners.

Kay says hi as she shows us the Star Wars ruffle skirt she is making for her daughter's goddaughter.
Sherrie, our hostess, says hi while she quilts a Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt made entirely of leftovers. She plans to donate the quilt to a silent auction benefitting Habitat For Humanity.

The next bridal quilt this group makes will be for my daughter, Erin, who has requested a Kaffe quilt in mostly blue. So we played in some fabrics from my stash and Kay's.

By the end of the day, Susan had her table runner finished. It is a gift for newlyweds who will have black and red Fiesta dishes, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, this pattern was very fast for Susan.
Pam could only stay for part of the day, but she was well on her way to a finish with her table runner. She did send a picture from home later of her finished project. I will have to find it and post it.

 This is Kay's finished skirt, with the notable exception of the elastic waist. She still needs to get the measurement from her daughter.

The two pictures above are a really neat note pad holder. This one belonged to Kay, and she had copies of the pattern to share with us! I can't wait to make one!

I didn't get a picture of Linda saying hi, and I apologize for that! Anyway, Linda worked on this wall hanging and began a second one after finishing this one!

The two quilts above are Kay's. She sewed on the bindings for both of them after finishing the Star Wars skirt. Kay pieced these quilts back in June at our Quilt Camp!

This wall hanging adorned the wall in Sherrie's family room. It is really striking, but she said it was quite a difficult project. Don't you love it, though?

 This table runner is also Sherrie's. She had just finished it. I love it! And it's with charm squares!

I haven't shown you what I worked on! Well, I will take some time to show you that soon. I've gone on for way to long on this post!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. It must be so inspiring to have such talented quilters to create with! Wow... such fun.

  2. That must have been such a fun day, and the projects and the food all look good.

  3. looks like a fun productive day with quilty friends! beautiful projects. thanks for sharing

    now where did I put my charm squares?


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