Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nine-patch Stash

As promised, I have a few new 9-patch blocks to show you. I made some of these on Friday morning at Sharon O.'s house, and a couple more while on a long car ride to eastern Ohio.

That red and white one looks a bit out of place in the same photo with the Kaffe ones. Oh well, they won't live side-by-side in whatever quilt they end up becoming.

Quite a variety, isn't it? I like that variety, and the scrap quilts that these will eventually become will also be favorites.

Above is the entire stash of non-Kaffe blocks. There are 8 total. Not yet enough to make anything of significance, but I will keep plugging away at making more.

Above, is the tiny stash of Kaffe blocks. I used most of the Kaffe squares on the quilt I showed you a few posts back. Now I'm building it up again. In due time I will have a nice stack to build into another quilt.

The fun is in the slow but steady stitching. I really enjoy the process.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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