Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Friday with the Frankfort Girls

Our regular group had an extra this past Friday with Terry's guest, her cousin's wife, Carol. She fit right in and could very well become an honorary member. If only Youngstown weren't so far away. Sigh.

So here are the things we worked on. We will start with Carol, who was binding a pretty quilt of fall colors.
Terry, too, was binding a quilt. And it is a whopper! She said it is very heavy, and that it would certainly keep them warm this winter. Isn't is great? I love the look of all that homespun; and it's on both front and back. She pieced the back with her leftovers, see the second picture, below, of the back.

Next around the table was Sharon O., who was working on her cross-stitched Christmas Stocking for the last grandchild. I've shown that before, but I haven't shown this - a recent finish she brought for show and tell.
This sweet little table mat is extra darling because of the eyes on the snowmen. They are made with snaps. Sharon had put out a request a couple of weeks ago for small black snaps. Now we see what she needed them for! Adorable!
The clutter you see above is my work for the morning. I had my little box of 2.5" squares, so I continued making 9-patches and 16-patches.  I have several pictures of these I am planning to share here in the next day or so.
Sheryll had yet another beautiful wool applique project that she was working on. If I ever break into the realm of wool projects, I hope I have half the skill Sheryll has - her stitching is absolutely impeccable!

The little parts above are a perfect example of her stitching. These "petals" will go on the round medallion shown below. All the parts are pinned in place. What a pretty finish this will be!
Last, but not least, JoAnn was also working on a wool project. Since she was literally just beginning it, I figured I would wait to take a picture. Instead, JoAnn had a show and tell - this pretty quilt top, which she finished this past week.
JoAnn has five grandchildren, and two granddaughters, so this will be for one of them. The fabric is so cheerful, and that center heart will be perfect for a little girl.
So there you have it - the update on the Frankfort Girls!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I'd love to know how Sheryll gets her stitches to be so perfect, both in the length and the spacing. Try as I might, I can never manage that.


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