Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beautiful Blue Bags

Is there anything more wonderful than really awesome bags? Well, yes, probably a lot of things are more wonderful, but in accessory universe, awesome bags rank right up there. *grin*

I received the following pictures via text message Friday morning from my friend Kay.

Isn't it fantastic? My love of KF blues is well documented here on this blog, so you know this caught my attention! The bag was for the bridal quilt we Frienzies made for my DD Erin. 

 The bag is called Tabitha Jane, and Kay assures me that it is the easiest bag ever to make! I can't wait to get my hands on the pattern to see for myself! 

As if these two pictures weren't enough, she then sent two more! OMG! She made a KF blue Mondo Bag!!

The lining is even awesome!

The Mondo bag I made last year is one of my favorites, and I would so love to make another one. I used it as a beach bag on vacation at Myrtle Beach, and I often use it to carry "stuff" back and forth to various sewing days. It's a BIG bag and carries a lot of necessities.

The story gets better. Get this: Kay made a trip to Waynesville's Fabric Shack before coming to the bridal shower in Wilmington, and, unbelievably, she found refill patterns for the Mondo bag! She bought 3 - one for herself, one for me, and one for another friend. I might just make my own blue KF Mondo bag.

I will be sharing pics of the bridal shower soon!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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