Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sewing With Frienzies

It's bridal quilt time again! Last spring and summer the Frienzies made a quilt for Hettie's daughter, Kaitlin, who got married in July. Now, the bride is my DD1, Erin, who is getting married in May.

Erin's request was for a blue quilt with hints of red and pink using Kaffe Fassett fabrics. We soon dismissed our plan to use the same pattern as Kaitlin's - we just couldn't see cutting the large beautiful prints into tiny bits. So we browsed a few KF books and found one we liked.

Big blocks in 3 sizes: 9.5", 6.5" and 3.5". The arrangement of each unit differs significantly; the one pictured above is just one of about a dozen different block arrangements. I'm not seeing much in the way of "pops of red and pink" - but with KF fabrics, you get pops of green and purple, too. We will make sure to distribute the colors as we put the pieces together.

Kay and I didn't mind a bit that we needed to look for a different pattern. Is there anything better than looking at KF books? And look at that sea of blue spread out on the table. Wonderful, wouldn't you agree?

Look at all the layers we are wearing! This was that Tuesday morning which for our area was the coldest on record in like 25 years. I think it was -15 degrees, and the wind chill temps were worse. All the schools were closed, as well as many businesses. We braved the frigid weather to meet at Sherrie's for this project.

On this particular day we got all the cutting done for the entire quilt, with a few extra blocks in case we want options as far as fabric placement. I am eager to get back together to begin sewing!

Sherrie's backyard was filled with wildlife!. As we enjoyed hot coffee and muffins, a pair of deer visited the birdfeeder for some sunflower seeds. They stood there and munched for a good while. I expect the snow cover and the below zero temperatures we've had make it hard for wildlife to find food sources, so neighborhood birdfeeders are a tasty alternative.

Back to quilts. Sherrie had some show and tell for us. It's always fun to see what the others have been working on. The first is a baby quilt in purple and white.

This star may be called a Bradford Star block. I like how the star is formed in the negative space of the darker purple chevrons. Whatever it's called, it is beautiful, and some new mom is going to be quite happy to receive it.

This is Sherrie's Stack'n'Whack quilt. The most interesting designs are formed when the blocks come together. I really like that green middle border. If you could see it close up, you'd note that it is pink polka dots on green. It's eye-catching, for sure. Then, if you could look even closer, the pink in the alternate blocks which reads as a solid is really pink with tiny green pin dots. Fun - a very playful quilt.

We had a great day together at Sherrie's; I can't wait to get back over there to sew on the KF bridal quilt.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I think the KF Bridal quilt is going to be stunning - definitely not a "low volume" modern quilt, more a "woohoo, look at me" quilt.

  2. Your daughter is going to have a beautiful wedding quilt. I love the blues! I adore the purple star quilt too. I'm going to have to find that block I think.


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