Thursday, February 20, 2014

Terry's Terrific Finish

Every now and then a finish just needs to have a big celebration. I can't say that this post is all that big, but I can share Terry's celebration with you.

Her Farmer's Wife quilt is finally together! Yeah! Isn't it great?!! It was definitely an effort at perseverance. For those of you who know the quilt, and all the little blocks it contains, this is truly a reason to celebrate. Terry probably began it soon after the book came out. I remember she enrolled in a class at a now-defunct quilt shop in the Columbus area. I think there were a couple of blocks each month to complete. Anyway, off and on since about 2009, she has worked on it. Her 2014 resolve to finish off UFOs spurred her on to this magnificence.

Wouldn't you just love to have this quilt on your bed? I have a start on mine; maybe 25-30 blocks completed. I ought to make myself get back to work on it. I checked on the publication date when I went to grab the picture of the book - 2009. So a 5-year UFO finished. Great job, Terry!

Here are some sweet girls who helped us celebrate. The lovely Maddie, and her kid 'sister', Millie, did their best to pose for me. What good doggies they are.

Have you noticed how many UFOs we are finishing? Terry is certainly winning the contest, but whenever a quilter finishes a UFO she's a winner, if you think about it. Are you motivated to finish some UFOs this year?

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I just love Farmer's Wife quilts! They just feel like a quilt should, you know? This one is stunning, your friend did a fantastic job.

    That book is on my wish list. I saw another quilt from the book earlier last year that was done is pastels and it has been on my "to one day do" list ever since.

    And adorable pups! Are they yours? I have a little puppy helper in my sewing room, too.

  2. What a brilliant finish. I bet Terry was doing a happy dance.

  3. Thanks for sharing Terri's great FW finish!! & please let her know that I think it's wonderful and I'm so happy for her finish! (I know her from the defunct shop. p.s. my FW blocks from the same time period are still in a project box awaiting some quality quilty time:)


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