Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olympic Quilting

When Olympics coverage takes over our evenings, I bring a quilting frame downstairs and set up a spot for hand quilting.

My fingers get all calloused, my shoulders get tired and I get LOTS quilted. The sad thing is that the Olympics happen only every 2 years, which means I hand quilt so infrequently. I am trying to finish up something that has been in the quilting frame since 2010! 

This brown and pink quilt top was made in March of 2010. I remember how fast it went together. It was quite gratifying how quick it was. I then put it in a quilting frame in October to demonstrate at the Greenfield Historical Society's History Day. Afterwards, in true 'me-fashion,' I tucked it away for an entire year, and took it back to the 2011 History Day. I didn't take a single stitch on it in the entire year!

And then I repeated that scenario through the next year! You know me to be a procrastinator, right?

Well, by the time 2012's History Day rolled around, I figured I'd best put a new quilt in the frame, for surely someone would remember I'd been quilting the same lap quilt for 3 straight years.

I am very close to being finished with it, so that tells me that I must have worked on it at some point other than just those two History Days. I can find no blogged record of it, though.

And here it is--the Sochi Olympics. I have worked on it this evening and have nicely pricked fingers. Not too sore yet, as it's early.

I did sew some of the Burgoyne Surrounded rows together this afternoon. Looking good!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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