Monday, February 3, 2014

More Sewing With Friends

January was the month for sewing with friends, let me tell you. Terry had us to her house twice; the Frankfort girls met twice, and the Frienzies met once. It is just so much fun to make progress on a project in the company of other quilters.

Last Thursday we sewed at Terry's house. She is always so gracious in offering up her spacious family room. We sure get a lot done. Here are the latest projects.

Sharon O. worked on machine-appliqueing this holiday scene. She made good progress, too!

JoAnn worked so hard on some little blocks. There were several projects, one of which was Tag Sale, one of my favorite quilt patterns, and Tag-Along, the Schnibbles version of Tag Sale. Love them both.

Sheryll worked on a flannel project. The plaids are all her father's shirts. She is making a snowball quilt with them. Isn't that special? A labor of love, to be sure. It will be a wonderful keepsake for the generations to come.

Our hostess Terry spent the entire day making dog beds. She had huge sheets of foam, made lining of muslin and used a king-size fleece blanket cut down to cover each bed. It was a big job. She even put zippers in them!

I spent the day sewing (and unsewing) Burgoyne Surrounded blocks. I also made a back for a quilt that I left at Terry's for quilting. I will provide details on that in a future post.

And that about sums up our day of sewing at Terry's. I was pleased with what I accomplished, and I would say the others were, too.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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