Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Brief Absence

This is the first post I have been able to do since Sunday! This brief absence has been a result of my being at Mother's again for the second cataract surgery. It was a success! She is able to see perfectly from both eyes without glasses. Isn't that something for a 78-year-old? What amazing things modern medicine can do these days.

I was at Mom's Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon. Had a very important date with my hairdresser Tuesday evening. Had to go back to Mom's Wednesday morning (I'd forgotten my phone and iPad chargers, plus she needed to have prescriptions refilled and wasn't yet driving), and I taught Wednesday afternoon and evening.

No chance for doing any sewing. No chance to do any blogging.

I will just go ahead and show you the similarity in the stars I referenced in my last post. The Sawtooth Stars that people are making with Barbara Brackman and her blog look like this. These are the stars that Nicole has made. You can find her at her blog, Sister's Choice Quilts.

I was reminded of a quilt I've had bookmarked for ages in an old APQ magazine from all the way back in December 2001. Gracious. Here is the magazine front, and a picture of the quilt.

The construction for the Sawtooth Stars in the Brackman sew along is different from those in the magazine, but the stars look identical, don't you think?

I will be making more. I'm rather excited about it, too!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. My Mum had cataract surgery on both eyes last summer, she now has virtually perfect sight at 79, me, at 53 is blind as a bat without glasses!

  2. It really is a hoot seeing my older relatives without glasses the last couple of years... guess that is ONE thing to look forward to as we age right? Love these blocks.

  3. Love stars and love yours - it's going to be a beauty!


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