Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Master Quilter

One of our group, Sheryll, has been designated a Master Quilter. Congratulations!!

Now I do not profess to know all that this entails, but just the title alone should indicate a certain amount of awe at such a distinction! Sheryll has been sewing most of her life, I think, and has many skills. I love looking at her work, and she is an inspiration with all that she accomplishes. Here are some things she brought for show and tell on Friday morning when we had our Frankfort Girls get-together at JoAnn's house.

This is quite unlike anything else that Sheryll has made for her own use. Even her husband commented that this doesn't "look" like her!

A beautiful cheddar quilt. This is a UFO to cross off the list!

Another cheddar quilt! Sheryll worked on finishing the binding while we visited on Friday.
The rest of us worked, too, and I will get those ready to show you tomorrow!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. beautiful quilts. thanks for showing!

  2. I've no idea what one has to do to become a Master Quilter, but it sounds very impressive. Congratulations to Sheryll.


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