Sunday, February 15, 2015

Facebook Challenge

I don't know how widely spread it is, but in these parts, quilting friends have been participating in a challenge of sorts on Facebook. I was nominated to share 5 days of quilts by my friend Terry. In addition to posting 5 straight days of quilts, each day I was to nominate a quilting friend to begin the challenge. Theoretically, Facebook would eventually be flooded with gorgeous quilt pictures.

I don't know how "flooded" FB has been, but I did enjoy seeing the quilts that my circle of friends posted, and it was fun for me to sift through my photo files, revisiting quilts from way back.

Now that my 5 days of sharing is over, I thought I'd collect those 5 pics and share them here, too. Many readers of this blog don't have FB, right? Of course, apologies to readers who are FB friends for repeating old material. *wink*

Day 1 - I shared this machine-pieced and hand-quilted beauty. I pieced it maybe 15 years ago. The pattern is by Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries. My grandmother quilted it for me.

Day 2 - This quilt top has hand-pieced blocks which I sewed together by machine. I will someday get it quilted; probably, I won't hand-quilt it. I call it Stars and Stepping Stones, and I used some of my grandmother's quilts as a guide when I made this.

Day 3 - Because I felt compelled to show quilts that were actually quilted, I decided to show one in the process of being quilted. I am still plugging away on Long Road Home, and  hope to finish it off soon. You'll know the reason why a little further down the page.

Day 4 - I stepped into the 'way-back' machine to come up with this quilt. It is the first quilt I ever made, circa 1988. I hand-pieced not just the blocks but the entire top, as well. Then my grandmother hand-quilted it for me. No sewing machine assistance anywhere on this one!

Day 5 - I shared a more modern quilt on the last day of the challenge. This is 'Erin's Diamonds' and I made it in 2013 after Erin got engaged. She picked the pattern and fabrics from my stash. As soon as I get Long Road Home off the quilt frame, I hope to bring the antique frame of Grandma's up from the basement and put this quilt on it. I will use the 'big-stitch' method of quilting, so it should go quickly.

And so my 5 days of sharing have ended. It was fun, and I chose 5 gals to share who make gorgeous creations. Maybe FB will be flooded with pretty quilts eventually.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Those are all beautiful and amazing quilts...thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are all beautiful quilts. As I scrolled down I would say... Oh that's my favorite until I got to the next one and said, that's my favorite. I hope some day to have a collection of quilts to showcase like this too.


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