Monday, February 9, 2015

Frankfort Girls

Yesterday's post featured Sheryll's activity on Friday when we five Frankfort girls were together at JoAnn's. Today I will show you what the others were working on.

Sharon O. was binding this birthday wall hanging. She has two sons with children, so each family will get one to use. Festive, isn't it?

Terry had some vintage Dresden plate medallions that she was hemming for applique. I wish now I had asked more questions as to the history of these Dresden plates.

JoAnn was hand-quilting this lap quilt. I love the variety of repro fabrics.

This is a pile of blocks that JoAnn was discarding. If you look closely, you will see that the star parts don't intersect correctly. She said that all of them presented similar problems. It was so bad that she threw in the towel. I didn't grab them up, as I have enough of my own UFOs to take on anyone else's, so I don't know what she will do with them - unless they are already in the waste basket!!

I was hand quilting, too, and I will share that with you tomorrow. I actually have a finish to share! Whoo-hoo!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Oh I hope that she didn't throw out those blocks. I was just reading the other day where people take their orphan blocks like that and turn them into placemats to give to Meals on Wheels for them to give out to those they deliver meals to.

  2. Tell your friend that years ago I made those same wonky stars in a project and had the same problem. There was a lot of ripping and swearing ( who me??).


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