Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let's Go Exploring

Come! Let's have an adventure!

Many of you know that I participated in a UFO Challenge with the Frankfort Girls in calendar year 2014. And, many of  you also know that we are doing another challenge this calendar year.

Put on your best David Attenborough voice and let's begin.

My January 2015 project (which I never even looked for let alone worked on) has been weighing on my mind. When I finished the February UFO so quickly, it got me to thinking that I really ought not to let myself get so far behind this early in the year.

After forging our way through piles of fabric, boxes, bins, debris and junk, we locate the item we are seeking. Tucked inside this yellow-lidded tub, we have an artifact of unknown age. Carbon dating would help, but far exceeds the budget.

Inside, we discover a true thing of beauty! This project is further along than we'd been expecting. Such good news.

Eighteen already-completed double-9-patch blocks. What treasure! This archaeologist was thinking there were bits to be de-constructed - many, many of them, too. These will do nicely without the bother of  'unsewing.'

Additionally, we have one partial block.
Parts for completing more blocks.
And yardage for finishing. Who would have 'thunk' it? This is a huge boost for my procrastinating nature.

I am glad I was bitten by the Indiana Jones bug. I needed to get this excavation behind me. I am so glad to discover the project is not in the shambles I was expecting. Maybe I can get this back on track before the first of March!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. oooooooo what a GREAT find! cant wait to see more

  2. Who'd a thunk it indeed? I love the fabrics, and it's a great find.

    I'm obviously waaaay behind on blog reading, so I'm looking forward to seeing how you got on.


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