Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ohio Weather

The folks in the great state of Ohio like to bring out a saying every now and then when describing our weather - if you don't like the weather, wait about 3 hours and it'll change. Unlike places in the sunny south where it's 70 degrees and pleasant most days, Ohio boast some extremely changeable weather.

After a January that was warmer than most, with essentially no snowfall to speak of, we are having a February that is breaking low temperature records. And snow to go with it. The picture above shows this morning's snow activity; it is just as hushed and whispery out as can be. I love how muffled the world is when it snows in the country.

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning we had a beautiful hoarfrost. These are the coolest things; when the frost on the branches glistens in the sunlight, I feel like I'm in a most magical fairy land. Monday gifted us with about 5 inches of snow, and overnight the temperatures took a nosedive. It was -5F at 7am when this picture was taken.

This picture is a wider angle. It shows less of the hoarfrost but more of the snowfall. And is that not a majestic sunrise? I just love living here - I call it my little slice of heaven.

Today, snow is falling again. We are forecast to get several more inches of snow, but worse will be the wind and plummeting temperatures. Tonight will be frigid, and it will last for several days.

We had a guest in the backyard earlier in the week before the snowfall. Mister hawk sat on a low branch surveying the potential goodies. We have a fair amount of chipmunks and field mice, and I'm pretty sure he's scoping them out. We have seen a hawk even closer to the house; earlier this winter one was sitting on top of one of our bird feeders. That's where the chipmunks and field mice hang out, you know, waiting for seeds to drop on the ground.

Well, that's the weather report from my part of the world. Hope you all are staying warm and productive! I will be heading up to the sewing room with a cup of coffee and an audiobook on Overdrive. I shall listen and stitch this morning.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the hoarfrost during the sunrise it almost looks like the world has been coated with diamonds.

  2. Well from the Sunny warm climate of New Zealand we have been having a shortage of rainfall now for a couple of months, sure we have been having fabulous fine days but its the lack of rain that is killing our gardens. But hey, that has not stopped me from doing a small amount of my quilt today, currently I am working on Missouri Quilts Hourglass 2 pattern and its great fun. Only had to scrap three blocks so far which is not bad for me.
    Typical novice I always take on more than I should. Loved reading your blog and will keep up with it now that I have added it to my favourites.
    Cheers for now
    Hope your weather improves real soon.
    Jan Bugden
    New Zealand.


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