Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Home Stretch

I fear that you all think I am crying wolf by now, because I've said so many times already that I am close to being done with my Long Road Home quilt.

This time, I really mean it. Really.

I promise that I will not be showing you this quilt again until it is finished. Cross my heart!

My goal is to quilt like mad this week and be done by Sunday. That's my goal, and I think I can achieve it. That's how close I really am this time.

My attention span on this quilt has been anything but steady, obviously. I work on it for awhile, then my fingers get sore, so I put it aside. Then I lose interest for weeks or months at a time. Eventually, I go back to it. I listen to library books on Overdrive which keeps me focused. Or I watch sports - basketball, baseball or football games. I can do a lot when good games will be on television.

I WILL have this quilt quilted this week. That is a goal that I am confident I can achieve. And I will. I'm determined to do it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Good luck with finishing this by Sunday. It's a gorgeous quilt!


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