Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Planning and Auditioning

It is already the 19th of the month, and I have not done a thing with my May UFO. Totally neglected!

Finally yesterday, I got my thinking cap on and decided what I would do with my 9-patches.

Since I have always love strippy quilts, I believe I will use these 9-patches to become parts for a queen-size version.

I sketched out my plan. This calls for four columns of blocks, but I will add a fifth if I have enough fabric. I know I have enough 9-patches! *grin*

After my design was determined, I went on an excusion. We all have heard the term 'dumpster-diving,' I think. Well, in the sewing room with the great stash, I went 'tubster-diving.' I pulled and piled and tested and toyed; auditions were in full swing.

This fabric wins for the long strips between blocks. It is directional, so I will have to mind my cutting.

And the winner for the setting triangles - yes, I want to put the 9-patches on point - I selected this little print. I may have had this piece of fabric for 30 years. I seem to recall buying it to make a little girl a dress back when DD1 was small.

If you use your imagination, you can get an idea of the look with this 'mock-up' of the various elements.

Auditions are completed, so now to get busy! I hope to bring you frequent updates on this UFO. My deadline is May 31st.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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