Monday, May 4, 2015

Poem Pockets Update

Each of the book club girls got their pockets well in advance of National Poetry in My Pocket Day, which was last Thursday.  I showed you my pockets in this post. The only one of us to actually share poetry (to my knowledge) is Debbie. She is the supreme poetry lover in our book group, and is always eager to share passages which struck her. As a former elementary teacher, she still involves herself in the local elementary as several of her grandchildren attend there.

Here is Debbie sporting the latest in poetic attire - 3 poetry pockets. The two on her shoulders she made from her husband's jeans. The one she is carrying is the little one I gave her. In each pocket, it looks like she has rolled up poems tied with ribbon. Her note said that she distributed over 100 poems to the children and teachers on Thursday. Here is a list of the poems she shared:
Grade 1: "My Favorite Word" by Lucia and James Hymes, Jr.
Grade 2: "Hands" by Bobbi Katz
Grade 3: "Weird" by Judith Viorst
Grade 4: "Be Glad Your Nose Is on Your Face" by Jack Prelutsky
She read aloud to the classes "The Pocket Poem" by Bobbie Katz and also also visited Greenfield library and distributed poems there, as well.

All of her grandchildren loved the pockets, both my pocket and, of course, the ones she made of their "Papa's" old jeans. Ever the teacher, she encouraged the grandchildren to read their poem and keep it, OR pass it along to a friend or mom and dad.

What a fun adventure! I will be sure to do more to participate next year.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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