Saturday, May 2, 2015


Last Friday when we met at Sharon O's for quilting, we drew the number for our May UFO. My project this month will be to do something with my little mountain of 9-patch blocks. I have hand pieced over 50 of these little beauties, and it is time to make a decision on getting them into a quilt.

I definitely won't be putting them side by side like this. If I'd thought to make an equal number of opposite 9-patches (switching the placement of the lights and darks), then I'd consider setting them side by side.

Here are a couple of looks I like and am definitely considering.

I made this from a pattern in APQ magazine back in 2012. It was fast and fun to make. I Notice, though that the 9-patches in this are opposite of what I have, so that might alter the look.

I made this in 2013 from a Thimbleberries book. The pattern is called Nine-patch Criss Cross. It, too, was fast and fun, so I could easily see myself doing another one.

I just made this one up. I had made a similar stack of 9-patches with Kaffe Fassett leftovers, so I stitched this up and consider it a free quilt. It's not very big, but that is the beauty of this sort of thing. You make it as big as the number of blocks will allow.

So it's decision-making time. I have all month to get it done. I am definitely mulling over my options.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. ooooooo some great options there. if it were me I may do the first one just because it is different to see the look I get. have fun!


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