Thursday, August 31, 2017

Frankfort Girls

A week ago Friday, three of our group of six met at Jan's for fellowship, good food and productive stitching. This was the second meeting in a row that we've had low attendance. It is always something to celebrate when the entire group can attend - my goodness, the catching up!!

Here are some things we worked on. I feel so inadequate sometimes when I think of the amazing work these girls do. Case in point, look at the undertaking Sheryll has begun. This pattern is called Stars Upon Stars by Laundry Basket Quilts and is being offered as a BOM at one of our local quilt shops, Old Town Fabrics. Check out the link to the full quilt picture - depending on your frame of reference, it is either very impressive or very intimidating, possibly both!

The photos above are Sheryll's successfully completed first block. The two pictures below represent her mistake block. This star, while absolutely beautiful, ended up way too big for the pattern, so she had to remake it - yes, remake. I would have freaked out and chucked the whole thing.

Next, Jan shared some of the EPP blocks she has prepared for her Annette Williams pattern called Caesar's Crown. I looked at Annette's webpage, but could not find this pattern, however I do have a picture of her standing in front of the Caesar's Crown at the Hillsboro Quilt Show from this past July.

She only needs to prep one or two more and then she will be ready to being appliqueing them onto background squares. Jan is really efficient with how she works; she is a firm believer in establishing a process and simplifying steps. (My brain does not work this way, unfortunately.)

The two pictures above are just an example of Jan's storage system for EPP projects. The next one on her to-do list is Pretty Plates, and she has all her little fabric packs stored in the tub, ready for easy access.

I worked on the POTC block and learned that new stitching technique from Jan. I talked about that in an earlier post. This block is now finished and I have moved on to glue-basting more hexies. Finally, I will show you something fun. A year ago while at Jan's, I was hand-piecing the hexies for this table topper. It is now finished - my August UFO! - and I returned to Jan's with it to be photographed on her hexie kitchen floor. Click here to see the first photo.

We've reached the end of another month, dear quilters. Gracious! Where did summer go?? I will try to do my August wrap-up in tomorrow's post; stop on back!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. You finished piece is aforable!!! And everything else is stunning.


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