Monday, October 23, 2017

Busy Monday, Busy Week

Retirement sometimes wears me out!

This is one of those weeks in which a thousand things are going on, and I wonder how I will cram it all in. My university classes are turning in essay rough drafts today, so those must be checked and given feedback. Job comes before hobbies.

A book must be finished by Thursday. We are reading a really good one - Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. I've only just spent a little bit of time reading, but it's so good that I am rather far along. It will be a pleasure to finish.

Here we are with just a week left in October and I have not finished the UFO for the month. I have worked on it and the first pieced block measures 3.5" x 6.5" as intended, so I will crank the other 31 of them out asap. This first one is far from perfect, but at this point I am more interested in finishing than I am in perfection. 

I want to get back to working on Emma's wall hanging, That lingers on my mind, as the time-consuming parts have been dealt with. Now, it's just a matter of constructing the top.

I mentioned last week that we Frankfort Girls were taking a trip to West Virginia for some shopping. I really want to get a blog post up about that fun day. Drive 3 hours to a quilt store; shop 3 hours; return home. It was a long, long day - but really fun, too. I plan to have a post about our fun trip tomorrow. The photo below is of Sharon O. and Jan waving at me as I capture the beautiful flag against the vivid October sky and a mighty fine-looking pavilion which was located next to the quilt shop.

Breezy and rainy here today - a great day for sewing and creating. However, I must be off to Chillicothe for classes, so the stitching will have to wait until evening. Hope you are creating some beautiful stuff today!

Linking up with Monday Making over at Love Laugh Quilt. Beth has a real treat for us today - a new granddaughter! How nice.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Groan. I sympathize with you, as I used to teach middle school English. Oh, how difficult it was to grade 170 writing assignments. I'm glad you were able to have your field trip to West Virginia with your friends. The calm before the storm? Good luck with those essays.


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