Monday, October 9, 2017

Random Flowers and Stars

The pace has really slowed down here at the old homestead lately. Both DH and I are still trying to overcome the creepy crud  --  head and chest congestion along with deep, bone-rattling coughs. We are a sorry pair, let me tell you.

I have busied my needle a bit, along with the sewing machine. I've a trio of scrappy stars to show for my efforts, along with a trio of hexie flowers. Neither set of blocks has a definite plan. Since I still have quite a to-do list, I don't dare let myself engage with a NEW project! In the very near future, I can see myself a bit more free to start a new quilt.

These stars are fun to make, but like any scrap quilt there is an endless pile of scraps on the cutting table. I have a total of 13 stars now made and another 5 ready to be sewn. The 5" blocks are meant to be sewn with charm squares for setting blocks. I will make these until I grow bored with them and see what I do with them. In other words, I don't have a plan; I'm just making stars.

And speaking of not having a plan, I continue to make random hexies and haven't a clue as to their future. I am leaning toward Grandmother's Flower Garden, but I could change my mind at a moment's notice.

I have much on my list; I don't have time to be under the weather! Hopefully I will get back in gear soon.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Love those stars! I can't imagine sewing without a plan. I never seem to start in a direction without having a clear goal in mind. I guess my OCD tendencies would never allow it. LOL


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