Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Let's Try To Catch Up

Hello Everyone! I have been way out of touch with you all lately, and I have plenty to catch up on! Don't worry, I won't try to cover everything in one long, text-laden post; instead, I will break things up into separate related tidbits.

Being sick for a big chunk of February seriously interfered with my sewing and quilting, therefore I just didn't have much to blog about for several weeks. Then, because I was in the midst of the most challenging assignment in my comp classes, I felt obligated to provide my students with adequate feedback on their drafts; anytime I was fit for clear thinking at the computer, I was reading and grading essays. Took about all the energy I had.

It's March here in Ohio! Very blustery day!

That is the big-picture take on my lack of writing and posting on the blog in recent weeks. Now, let's get into the news from Jayne's Quilting Room!

Sharon P. and I have tried to continue our Monday sewing dates. A few have had to be cancelled, but these past two weeks we have kept to our schedule - hooray!

The biggest news is that Sharon has finished her Snow Shoo quilt top! Because I want to provide lots of details, I think that will be the topic of tomorrow's post. Today, I will share what we worked on this week.

Early in the year, before we began Snow Shoo, Sharon started this Triple Irish Chain quilt in blue and white. Snow Shoo pushed this to the back burner, and she pulled it out Monday to continue construction. I shared a bit about this quilt here. Next time we sew together, she will be ready to tackle the alternate blocks.

I was busy constructing blocks for Prairie Vine. I had partial cuts prepared for several blocks, so I finished enough cutting for four blocks and tried some semblance of chain piecing.

I seem to gravitate toward scrappy quilts, and this conglomeration of fabrics and colors is quite attractive to me! Prairie Vine requires just 16 blocks, and when these 4 are finished I will have completed 13 - very much a home stretch on those. Then I will need 25 tiny 9-patch blocks to serve as cornerstones. And then...

Applique - leaves and vines. Oh my. Not my most skilled area. However, I intend to do it - teach this old dog some new tricks. Scroll back to the last post for a picture of the finished quilt.

Tomorrow, I will bring you Sharon's Snow Shoo along with cutting and construction details. Several people asked about those after seeing my finish a few weeks back. Come on back for the big reveal!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I've missed you! I'm glad that you weren't sick again. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post about Snow Shoo.


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