Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Tablecloth

On Sunday afternoon, I took a little drive over to visit Mom. She'd hinted earlier in the week that she was pulling things out to donate to the upcoming church rummage sale, and maybe I'd like to sort through what would be donated? Yes, for sure. I seem to serve as the repository of family memorabilia. *grin*

I will show you the box and some of the goodies in an upcoming post, but for today I want to show you the awesome tablecloth I made from a lovely length of fabric tucked down in said box.

I did a rough measure and I believe this was a hunk of about 3 yards. It is heavy-weight home-dec style fabric, and the color is the softest, most appealing blue. I had an immediate need for a tablecloth, so this was a serendipitous "find."

At some point when life slows down a little bit, I will do some research on this fabric to see how old it is. Doesn't really matter though, since I love it in its new life as a tablecloth!

The Frienzies came to dinner on Monday evening, and the tablecloth I had intended to use was the wrong size. I found myself in a quandary until I pulled this fabric out of the box. I spent an easy hour Monday morning cutting off excess and hemming. Voila! It was perfect for my spring-themed table.

Thanks, Momma, for the fun box of goodies! This was an unexpected surprise - a happy accident sort of thing. Yaay!

The centerpiece was a simple one - daffodils from our garden and pink whatever-they-ares from Krogers. *smiles*

My absence this week from blogger-land is because I am at Canter's Cave for our quilt retreat. I will have a plethora of material for posts coming up, so be patient with me! I promise to share it all.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. What a wonderful find! I have leftover fabric I keep planning to make placemats with. But I am too busy with everything else! LOL

  2. I believe those flowers from Krogers are alstroemerias. As cut flowers they last forever - at least a good week or more. They come in lots of colors. I use them a lot.


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