Tuesday, April 10, 2018


You haven't seen much of me here for a few days. The reason is that I mostly am not getting as much sewing done as I ought, and since this blog is primarily about my sewing and quilting, I have no material.

However, I do occasionally get some time in the quilting room, and over the weekend, I sewed 24 chain units onto the last 12 stars.


All had to be ripped out.

The photo above shows very clearly what is wrong. That rectangular unit is upside-down. So all 24 seams needed ripping out. I grabbed the iPad to watch something while I ripped. It's always best to have a diversion from the boo-boos. I used this opportunity to begin the second season of The Crown. Good choice, too.

In other news, I am reading a book on my iPhone. Do people do this nowadays? I have to admit that I am not minding it at all. My book club's selection for this month is So Well Remembered by James Hilton, published in 1945. Because of its age, I had a hard time finding a copy, so I ordered it through iBooks. A bit more than half-way through it, I find it quite enjoyable, and consequently, I am reading when I ought to be sewing. (I have always had this problem with books. They have a way of consuming me!)

Also, MLB has started up and I want to watch the Indians whenever I can, so I have taken my tub of Lake Effect hexies to my chair in the family room where I can stitch and watch ballgames at the same time. After about 3 games, I can see that this is going to be very productive. The few hours each evening is showing satisfying results. Below is an early picture of my work on this long-term project.

Hey, come back tomorrow! I will share update pictures of the progress I have made on Lake Effect. I really do think you will be surprised at how much I have done.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Sorry about the missewn blocks, that is never any fun. I 'm sure you get a LOT of hand work accomplished during a baseball game. Happy stitching!


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