Monday, April 23, 2018

Made at Retreat

In yesterday's post I shared the projects I worked on at retreat - the finishes, anyway. I have a couple of WIPs that saw some action, as well.

I took my Village house parts with the idea of sewing quite a lot of them together. Alas! I only brought house bottoms - no roofs anywhere! So I will be busy with roof construction in the next few days. The pattern calls for 132 houses, but I will end up with just under 100. If I can piece together more parts, I will, but for now, I think I have used about all the Coriander Quilts charm packs I had.

Fortunately, I'd brought along another project just in case. Remember when I cut out the wrong quilt for a retreat challenge two years ago? Here's the post explaining it. Well I'd never taken the time to actually sew that fully cut-out quilt, so I can now report that it is in the initial phase of construction. Yay! I am really going to like it, I think! It's called Best of All, a pattern by Country Threads. Each block has 49 pieces (I think) so it is a time-consuming process, but the results will be oh-so-worth-it!

My retreat friends were also ultra-productive through the last week. I was not totally on top of my photographing and record-keeping game, but I have three finishes to share.

First, Terry finished off a jelly roll race quilt in some lovely Barbara Brackman fabrics. We had a good bit of sunlight and yellow overhead lights, so it's looking a bit washed out, unfortunately.

Next, we have a big quilt from Laura, who typically prefers making mini quilts and doll quilts. She has a thing for scrappy, though, and with leaders and enders, she made this scrappy 9-patch.

And last, but certainly not least, Jan cranked out a Friendship Star quilt made from Crown Royal flannel bags. This is a thing with Jan - she's made several over the years, and since people know she collects CR bags, people from all over save them for her.

It's safe to say that all who attended retreat accomplished quite a lot of sewing. We were together from Tuesday through Friday, and we worked very steadily. We are already signed up for next year and I can't wait!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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