Friday, April 13, 2018

Bar Stools Makeover

We have been in our house since 1992. That first Christmas, my sister gifted us with 4 bar stools, unfinished-furniture-style. We did nothing to them for several years, then painted them light blue. A few years ago, I got the bright idea to add padding to the woven-jute seats and cover with fabric. I liked the look of the padded seats, but they wear out over time. Here's the post about that first upholstering effort.

The worn spots had become quite unsightly, but I didn't really have any ideas for changing them out until a big "ah-ha" moment hit me a couple of days ago - use the remnants from the family room curtains I made back in January!

The remnants, however, were all very long, narrow pieces of fabric; I would  have to piece it to make a big enough portion to cover two seats. So I did. With a close inspection, it's easy to see the pieced seam; but do I care? Heck no! It's for sitting on!

I pulled out a ga-zillion staples from the old fabric, cut new fabric to fit, and asked DH to staple for me. (Those staple guns are tough to operate!)

I am very pleased with this new look. I have just done 2 stools, since we have no use for 4 any longer. The spares are in the basement, and if I ever decide to bring them back into service, I still have remnants to use.

Now I am thinking about a new paint color for these stools. Perhaps shabby-chic white?

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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