Saturday, April 28, 2018

Retreat Pincushions

Those gals I spent last week with at the Canter's Cave retreat are a super-generous bunch, and we were showered with goodies of all shapes and sizes. My meager offering was a batch of mini-pincushions made over the past several months.

I  have come to be quite obsessive about throwing away scraps. This has been a result of following various quilters on Instagram and blogs who make the tiniest pieces of scraps into cute little pincushions. I tried a few last summer, and have continued to add more through the fall and winter. I finally had accumulated enough that I needed to unload a few, so using them as gifts for retreat participants seemed like a worthwhile effort.

Each pincushion bears a remarkable resemblance to projects I have worked on in the past six months or so. Uncanny how that works. *grin*

I bought a big batch of crushed pecan shells which is the substance used for stuffing which means I will be making quite a few more little pinnies. They are fun to do and are great fillers for in-between projects, or when time is short and a quickie is just the thing.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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