Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Lost Week

Good morning! I am up early and writing in real time today. I have had nothing about which to write, as I have done next to nothing in the quilting room. I came down with what I thought was a bad cold, but ended up going to urgent care - twice - to treat a sinus infection. My brain has been fogged up all week, and now that my second round of antibiotics seems to be kicking in, I am feeling human again.

I did spend an afternoon in the sewing room, though, during which time I fixed two items in my mending pile - a kitchen towel (loose applique needing reattached) and a bench pad made for a long bench on our screened porch.

I show you my work space for the bench pad - it was too long for the bench, so I removed a block, and then I could tell that the batting was not staying together, so I opened it up, put things right, and then restitched it all, adding more quilting. I should have done it in the first place, but I took shortcuts. I know, I shoulda' known better.

The more fun thing from this lost week was doing some online fabric shopping. That great little shop I discovered in Sarasota, FL, earlier this month was having a sale and naturally I took advantage. Those ladies at The Modern Sewist have been so fun to work with! Both in the store and now online, I can safely say that shopping with them has been super-easy with friendly service every step of the way. A-Plus all the way!

I found two coordinating fabrics to go with the yardage I bought while on vacation. Since I still have absolutely no idea what I will finally make with this fabric, I will now have a bit more to work with when that decision is made.

Here are the two new fabrics laid atop the existing collection, and I am really liking how this looks. I have spent hours skimming through Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs for an inspiration of what these fabrics would like to become. I have zeroed in on a couple of loose ideas, but will continue my quest.

So, this upcoming week will be a busy one. The quilt guild in Ashland, OH, meets on Tuesday, and this will be the meeting at which I am their speaker! Geesh! That date seemed so far off and now it's here! I have my plans and will pull my quilts today and tomorrow. All will be packed and ready for travel by Monday evening.

Yes, I will report fully after the event. And, yes, I think these meds are going to have me well enough to do a good job. Thirty years of teaching gives one more than a little practice at speaking to a group whether I'm at 100% or not.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I hope you are feeling ready to go for your presentation. Take care of yourself.


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